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Thinking of selling your business? Interested in knowing what your business may be worth? Unsure of how to value a business? Use our simple business valuation calculator and give yourself a ball-park figure of your company valuation.

Our Business valuation calculator takes the information you input and allows us to perform a series of calculations to give you a likely range of value which you might expect to achieve if you choose to sell your business. These calculations are based on the results of the several thousand actual sales The Business Sales Agency team have achieved, applied to the information you provide.

Business valuation is as much an art as it is a science and so caution should be used when using any valuation calculator online or otherwise.


Professional business valuations are highly complex and an accurate company valuation will depend on many factors such as the management team, sector, location, levels of repeat business, contracts, competition, growth potential and many other aspects.

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The Business Sales Agency are trusted experts with years of experience. If you are thinking of selling your business and don’t know where to start, let the Business Sales Agency guide you through the process. Start with a trusted and accurate business valuation

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The Business Sales Agency, takes the uncertainty out of selling a business.  Our experienced valuer will work with you all the way from initial valuation, through marketing, viewings, sale negotiations until your sale is successfully completed.